maul «ml», noun, verb.
1. a very heavy hammer or mallet. It is used for driving stakes, piles, or wedges.
2. Archaic. a heavy club or mace.
3. Rugby. a struggle for the ball when it is carried across the goal line.
1. to beat and pull about; handle roughly or carelessly; bruise: »

The lion mauled its keeper badly. He seized the gunwale, but the knives of our rowers so mauled his wrists that he was forced to quit his hold (Herman Melville).

2. Figurative: »

The…novel was mauled by the New York critics (Manchester Guardian Weekly).

3. U.S. to split (rails) with a maul and wedge.
[variant of Middle English malle; see etym. under mall1 (Cf.mall)]
maul´er, noun.

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